Meeting our next big action star Javi Benitez

They say some looks can sail a thousand ships and it looked like I met him today. The charm and the mystery behind the great looks of Javi Benitez reminded me of hunk action stars I watch in a series on Netflix. Launched months ago as one of the StarMagic Circle 2019, Javi Benitez's height will give the impression he may have been a basketball player (standing 6 feet and 4 inches tall) but he's into Muay Thai. Who would not be surprised that at his height and handsome face he'd be so gentle and meek?
Yesterday at Terrace Manila Quezon City, while Javi was entertaining questions from the media, action and drama King Coco Martin passed by to meet DreamscapePH's head Sir Deo Endrinal. Javi was like us in starstruck and greeted congratulations for FPJ's Ang Probinsyano's 1000th episode airing today. He did not miss an opportunity to show courtesy before all of us.
Unlike the new actors we'll meet today, Javi sets the bar higher with his impeccable personality. He shared experiences from first taping with the one and only Angel Locsin at The General's Daughter and first leading lady on his first movie #KidAlphaOne directed by Richard V Somes.
When asked if he'll choose among the viral issue on relationship #TeamBea, #TeamJulia, #TeamGerald, he refused to share opinions saying it was too personal and he didn't want anybody to get hurt. Our gentleman Javi shared his relentless effort to improving performance at every opportunity. With his professional training in martial arts and continued passion to showbiz, he'll definitely conquer mountains in no time. Don't forget to follow him on Instagram @javibenitezzz and his FB page