Event: What Cherry Pie Picache did that we may not in "Radical Love" this Sunday July5 on Sundays Best after GGV

We pray the Lord's Prayer as Catholics but we always contemplate on the last few lines about forgiveness- " let us forgive those who sinned against us". That line was just so hard to live and realize especially if it was the person who killed your mother. We attended the special screening of ABS-CBN DocuCentral's final project "Radical Love" , the documentary about Cherry Pie's journey to peace and forgiveness of her mom's assailant Michael Flores last Thursday at the Dolphy Theater. 
 Attended by immediate family and friends, the screening also featured how the documentary took two years to complete as explained by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Head Ms Jing Reyes. The prayer and messages from archbishops Ms Cherry Pie Picache shared led us all to reminisce the painful demise of her mom celebrating her birthday on the same week. It was truly heartwarming and it was difficult to contain tears.
If the assailant was probably not in the influence of drugs, this would've been a different story, I believe. The journey was painful and you should really watch it again on IWant app if you miss it this Sunday on ANS-CBN to reflect on the true meaning of forgiveness. Would we have the same decision as Ms Cherry Pie Picache? I can't be as merciful as she is if it's my mom. Don't miss Radical Love this Sunday on ABS-CBN after GGV.