Find your true calling and believe in yourself

If you love people and you want to help, this is definitely worth your while. It took me some time to figure out the different types of people I meet regarding insurance policies or investments. The truth of the matter is, very few may admit, too many Filipinos lack financial literacy and thereafter, financial freedom. Deciding to what best habit to follow may be constricting and manipulative but like what most we gamble in relationships, trust is such a lonely word. Well even before I was invited to attend seminars and talks I have already appreciated how rewarding it was when I closed my eyes on a scholarship fund I raised for my son.
It was a risk I hesitated at first and suffered paying quarterly for five years. It hurt a lot but when the policy matured, I couldn't believe I really earned Php75,000. These types of pain should be what we must be investing and not those luxuries and gadgets that'll worn out eventually.  For those who may seem adamant and unsure, take time to explain. Do not insist but let your intention come first. When you attend Sun Life Live Brighter seminars and recruitment, it may sound cocky and preachy with testimonials you'll find hard to believe but they do carry such passion that got them to achieve their dreams unlike you sulking and blaming those who failed your trust.
Simply take this fact as a perspective to ponder. Most advanced countries are into insurance and investments because they are better in financial literacy so they earn more money. If you feel like you're getting nowhere with what you're doing right now, take the courage to claim you can be a financial advisor. You do not just get to achieve your dreams, you also help others get out of the slums of debt and misery. Talk to your trusted friend like I trust my very good friend Annesy Del Mundo. She does not just listen, she remembers everything. Unlike the others who may have given you an impression being pushy, Annesy offers but help even the trivial things. My life is brighter and yours may be too. Study, listen and weigh your potentials. Call Annesy Del Mundo at +639209500951 or message her on Facebook. #LiveBrighter NOW.  For more information, visit