Event: Julia Baretto and Gerald Anderson reminisce Saga, Japan in #BetweenMaybes, opens May15 in cinemas

Have you tried a travel jowa? I know I do not have the guts to try but it would be ibteresting to dare and witness Hazel Ilagan ( Julia ) and Louie Puyat (Gerald Anderson) take risks in BlacksheepPH's latest after the blockbuster Alone Together, "Between Maybes". Directed by JP Laxamana, the movie will narrate the story of Hazel(Julia), a struggling actress taking random flight to Saga, Japan and meeting Louie (Gerald).
Last night at the media launch, BlacksheepPH's Creative Director Kris Gazmen shared how Director JP Laxamana was offered to produce a film in collaboration with Saga Film Commission. Julia shared her love for Japan and Gerald was ecstatic of how his lips really looked so good and that there were too few people in the area. Don't miss "Between Maybes" showing May15 in cinemas. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/BlackSheepABSCBN/