Event: How song can change views in Kundiman Party on stage at PETA Theater Center May24-June3, 2019

When an activist mellows down and suddenly shun political views, how do we revive the love for country? I felt my heart leap from my heart to horizon watching Dulaang UP's "Kundiman Party" last Thursday at PETA Theater Center. Shamaine Buencamino led the cast as Adela, the retired Kundiman singer who had kept pasdion teaching music to Antoinette (Miah Canton). 
The first half of the play will get you laughing to the edge of your seat and the other half will drag pains familiar to every core- the indifference of Pinoy majority that kept the status quo. I was laughing so hard at GenXers friends of Adela (Shamaine) boasting about their knowhow of social media and some slangs the oldies will hardly decipher.
The play narrates realities we face and we ignore. The corrupt will stay and be constantly voted in power because we chose the country the least. We have to be constantly awakening every Filipino that we are all being played. We follow what our values dictate and it always leads to considering the country as the last priority. Like Adela, I hoped to change the world through teaching and I am still hopeful. I will teach to get the youth of today change the course of the future. Don't mise Kundiman Party at PETA Theater Center May24-June3, 2019. For tickets and more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/PETATHEATER/