Event: Eisel Serrano and her dream to be a kontrabida #starmagiccircle2019

Eisel Serrano became the darling of the press at StarMagic Circle 2019 with her radiant beauty and smile. Standing 5'6, Eisel graduated Cum Laude in Travel Management. She was almost Magna Cum Laude in a few points shy revealed during the media launch last Tuesday. Her spirits not dampened, she kept traveling and learning to explore cultures to improve herself until she was discovered by a talent manager.
After rigorous training at StarMagic, she developed passion to be a kontrabida. Resembling Janine Gutierrez, Eisel was acknowledged by grandmother of Janine, Pilita Corrales in the airport. When asked how she felt when Pilita said she looked like Janine, Eisel felt starstruck and humbled. She looked like one beautiful contrabida (villain) in a teleserye but I believe she'll definitely be our next beauty queen to dazzle the world. Follow @eiselserrano on IG and Facebook.