Event: #BanalMoviePremiere is not your typical horror movie, opens May29 in cinemas

Wrong decisions and regret will make you feel Hell on earth, really. APT Entertainment presents a not-so-typical horror movie "Banal" starring Andrea Brillantes, Bianca Umali, Miguel Tan Felix, Taki and Kim Last. We joined fellow bloggers attending #BanalMoviePremiere last Sunday at Trinoma Cinema. The movie developed scare as the story unveils and it was hard not to scream at some scenes. I was in awe at Lou Veloso as one of the support cast.
The story narrates a group of friends climbing a mountain called Awangan in search of blessings and adventure. Andre Brillantes plays Thea, a damsel always in distress with layers of issues in her friendship with Bianca Umali and Miguel Tan Felix. This barkada movie will definitely unravel familiar conflicts and personal issues. As the story unfolds, elements of nature became their struggle to get out of the mountain alive. Compared to previous horror flicks, this is already one that deviates the usual resolution. Without the usual crucifix and holy water, the movie will lead you to what's most difficult to conquer- human nature. Banal is one horror flick you should not miss starting May29 in cinemas. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/AptEntertainmentInc/