Event: When should you cross #FriendzonePH, opens April 10 in cinemas

True love waits. The highest grossing movie in Thailand this year is GDH's "Friendzone". Starring Naphat  Siangsomboom and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul from the same producers of Bad Genius and Brother of the Year directed by Chayanop "Mu"  Boonprakob, Friendzone narrates a story of two friends falling in love and waiting for the perfect moment to cross the line. 
We joined fellow bloggers watching the advance screening of Friendzone at Fisher Mall VIP Cinema last night with unlimited popcorn and drinks and getting tucked in LAZBoy chairs for the ultimate movie experience. The movie's OST featured our very own Claudia Baretto and she was so pretty. The movie felt so good like watching a Pinoy romcom reminiscing Sarah-Gerald antics with supporting cast that made me laugh so loud. Those three buddies where lead Palm (Naphat) confided to gave me the biggest laugh and Gink on the bed trying to eat fusion food. The movie shot in different locations in Asia made it all the more beautiful. The funny reality that women are the best investigators past FBI standards will have more of us feel the movie is indeed for every girl in doubt. Often, the intuition does not lie but how we manage the relationships we have will spell the difference. I loved that the movie narrates realities and showed that true love indeed waits past the circumstances. Friendzone is a must-watch for all ages to better appreciate that relationships last with better friendship. Don't miss Friendzone in cinemas on April 10. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/Friendzonethemovies/