Event: Just M.O.V.E. with G-Force 2019 Summer Dance Workshop by Angelie Gaviola

With technology already marked its importance on people’s lives, it is not uncommon to see different gadgets as extensions of our hands. It’s as though the world is being served through the screens that we always hold which makes many of us lose our connection to the real world. This is what teacher Georcelle, the artistic director and founder of G-Force, wants to avoid.
Teacher Georcelle officially announced the opening of this year’s G-Force Summer Dance Workshop that will be held on different parts of the country—Ilocos, Pangasinan, Manila, Lucena, Naga, Cebu, Southern Leyte, Baybay Leyte, Iloilo, Cebu, Bohol, and Davao—that would last from April to June. It encourages everyone to move and connect to the world outside the confines of phone screens. This dance workshop isn’t only limited to learning the art of dance but is also created to help build rapport and friendships among students. As a teacher and a parent, she witnessed how much time kids dedicate to using gadgets and she doesn’t want them to have human connections that is limited to what technology has to offer.
The final stage of this workshop is a concert series where the students could perform the dance routines they learned in class. In celebration of the newest G-Force Dance Center located in Cebu, the dance concert for students who took classes from Visayas and Mindanao would be held in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, while for students who took classes in Luzon, the concert series would take place in The Theatre at Solaire.
When asked what is the most memorable feedback they got from their students, Teacher Georcelle and the other teachers were enthusiastic to admit that seeing their students transform and build self-confidence gives them fulfilment.Although Teacher Georcelle sees the harm that technology brings, she also acknowledges that not everything it brings is harmful and that we should grow with it. It also makes it easier for people interested in learning the art of dancing to book classes through the mobile app G-Force Dance Center available in Google Play and App Store. For more information about the summer workshop you can visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gforcedancenter/ or their Instagram @gforce_official .