Event: Be prepared for #MaledictoMovie starting May1 in cinemas

We all pray #DeliverUsFromEvil and if Benedicto means to bless in Latin, #Maledicto is the opposite. Fox Networks Group Philippines produces with Cignal Entertainment and Unitel Pictures a horror film we can all be proud of, Maledicto starring Tom Rodriguez, Inah De Belen, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Miles Ocampo directed by Mark Meilly. We joined the bloggers conference last Thursday with Tom and Inah at Prime Hotel QC to discuss the film and their experience and were all surprised at their stories.
Inah shared having watched her mom Janice's horror films in the past and Tom his real possession experience in his previous teleserye. With chills while he narrated his loss of memory and co-actors reminding him how he was suddenly strange, Tom was all confident and open-minded at the fact that indeed, some things cannot be explained. Also starring in the film are Eric Quizon, Franco Laurel, Nonie Buencamino, Liza Lorena and Menggie Cobarubbias. The film opens May1 in theatres nationwide. For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/maledictomovie/