Event: #VivaUlan #HooqOriginalMovie Nadine as Maya in "Ulan" lets you reflect on lola's values

I also grew up with my granny when I was young and I remembered all the superstition she once taught me while watching HOOQ Philippines' first movie in collaboration with Viva Films' "Ulan". Starring Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino, "Ulan" directed by Irene Villamor is a different kind of film. The scenes where Nadine (Maya) grew up with lola played by Perla Bautista threw me back to my childhood and playing with my cousins. 
The character of Maya striving to be a romance writer working as an editorial assistant in the publications office also gave me reflections on how I once loved reading romance novels. Believing in folklore and "tikbalang" when it's raining showed how our Filipino culture of resilience and faith in true love regardless of nature going against our aim to find true love, I loved that Maya was also the pure and innocent Filipina keeping her values learned from lola kept her the woman we all wanted to be - conservative and determined.
Carlo Aquino as Peter was also a character not new to the romantic love stories embedded in our culture. While we hoped for Peter to be the last love Maya will finally earn as her true love, we also loved that it brought us to the reality. The beauty of love is like the beauty of rain - full of hope. Ulan was beautiful for reminding me that true love waits. HOOQ Philippines will also be featuring Nadine Lustre's other hits and director Irene Villamor's complete catalogue of films like Never Not Love You, This Time, Diary ng Panget, On The Wings Of Love and Beauty and the Bestie on HOOQ. Get HOOQed on HOOQ by simply downloading the app on Apple Store and Google Play. Enjoy a 30-day free trial and Globe mobile users can enjoy a 45-day free trial simply visit www.hooq.tv