Event: Eerie experience at #PhilippinepremiEERIE now showing

I had nightmares for two consecutive days and it had not happened before. What was eerie about #PhilippinepremiEERIE was watching it with full-packed theater with friends and fellow bloggers who's supposed to provide me a sense of security and comfort last Tuesday at SM Megamall Cinema 1. It was truly an unforgettable experience trying not to be affected gazing at the beauty of Drama Queen Bea Alonzo and Ms Charo Santos in Eerie. Directed by Mikhail Red produced by Star Cinema and Cre8, Eerie presented a unique horror experience unlike all scary movies I've seen before.
As the movie progresses to questions I had for each character, the cinematography and the excellent sound design perfectly matched the fright level gradually unfolding. The story of how the guidance counselor Patricia Consolacion(Bea Alonzo) talked to each student presented scenes quite difficult to process. It was completely unpredictable and it was really convincing.
I've contemplated at my own students with such rage developed from all sorts of bullying that led to depression and suicide. It could really happen and we all believe that evil can manifest in reality and Eerie showed us how it can take over the living. I felt I was more Sor Alice (Charo Santos) giving up on students who would not budge to help herself. I could not take Erika Saycon(Gillian Vicencio) out of my mind after and it still haunted me last night. Eerie proved we can really produce a world-class horror film and every Filipino should not miss it. Watch Eerie now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit www.facebook.com/starcinema for updates.