Event: Director Alvin Yapan, Ricky Lee and Shandi Bacolod team up for #Culion, the mystery and drama of Culion, Palawan

This time with no animals involved, controversial director of previous MMFF "Oro" Alvin Yapan is on a roll in another advocacy film "Culion" set to enter this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. With the iconic writer Ricky Lee and producer Shandi Bacolod of Team MSB, IOptions Ventures International collaborated to create a romantic drama movie set to feature the evolution and adaptation of the people in Culion, Palawan during the 40s. 
The said period film written by Ricky Lee was conceptualized when Team MSB was still working on the award-winning "Double Twisting Double Back" last year. Producer Shandi Bacolod shared to us yesterday at Black Cinema Theater the experience of stigma that still lurks among people with Hansen disease.
Famous writer Ricky Lee prefers veteran actress Nora Aunor to play one of the three major characters but suggested Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith or Bea Alonzo for the younger version. He also shared that he had worked about the island in the 80s with veteran actors so this project truly inspired him.
Director Alvin Yapan was also excited to share the preparations in making the film with actors they will audition in the next coming weeks. IOptions Ventures International known for products and services ventures business will produce "Culion" as their first film. We are all excited who'll be selected and more details about the movie. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/CulionFilm/