Event: #ayannasieERIe Gillian Vicencio shares experience as Eri in #Eerie movie

Erica Saycon played by Gillian Vicencio in Star Cinema's latest blockbuster "Eerie" gave me nightmares and I had to meet her personally to shake it off my system. Gillian showed up last Friday all grateful for the recognition and appreciation of her role in the movie. According to her, she prayed before and after performing as Eri in the movie and was starstruck at Drama Queen Bea Alonzo.
She looks younger than her age being 19 and she hopes to work with other veteran actors in the industry. When asked what type of film she'd love to do if given a choice, she shared preference to action and would love to go on training. Don't miss Eri (Gillian Vicencio) in EERIE now showing in cinemas nationwide.