Review: Jackie Chan is at it again in #KnightOfShadows and more opens Feb6 in cinemas

Jackie Chan's movies never failed to entertain and amuse fans worldwide and this time at Knight of Shadows between Yin and Yang, he was the loveable, hilarious and charismatic demon hunter like he always play in our lives, a savior and a wise hermit with all the answers. We joined fellow Kapamilya bloggers and vloggers attending the #KnightOfShadowsCNYPremiere set to open in cinemas on Feb.6. Perfect for the Chinese New Year and a pre-valentine movie, the story begins with how the Knight of Shadows met the demons and the demon hunter. 
The movie begins narrating in animation how the demon hunter started chasing demons entering the human dimension. Jackie Chan playing as Pu Songling, Elane Zhong as Nie Xiaquian, Ethan Juan as Ning Cai Cheng and funny demon characters trained by the demon hunter. I loved the cute Grizzly which looked like a flower able to erase and return memories when necessary. A love story in between the snake demon who hid behind the shadow of Xiaquian (red demon lady) was just like the anime stories of my teen campus journalists watch these days. It was a beautiful love story and the surprising ending will just make you want to believe in unconditional love. 
The viewing experience was even more hyped in 4d with bubbles and wind to make you feel you are part of the movie at ABS-CBN Studio Experience's Kapamilya Theater. The Knight of Shadows Between Yin and Yang is a beautiful movie to inspire all the youth today on how true love should have really wait and that if it's not meant in this world, learn to embrace your realities- be a good person just like what Xiaquian said in the end. Thank you Star Cinema and Kung Hei Fat Choi! For more info visit