Event: What parents need to realize about the youth today in Project Feb14 on IWantTV Feb 16 onwards

There are some stories of kids left untold to parents because few of them express angsts. With social media and the internet, many youth today engaged in activities we know nothing about. We joined fellow bloggers attending the exclusive screening of DreamscapePH's "Project Feb14" of McCoy De Leon and Jane Oineza to be aired on IWantTV starting Feb16. Originally scheduled Feb9 and moved to Feb16 because of its sensitive theme on love and suicide, the love story of two teens from dysfunctional families met online via dark web and engaged in chat that will make them decide to commit suicide together on Feb.14. JC Santos played the third party as the cameraman documenting the project of the lovebirds who believed that the act will emancipate all pains of their lives. 
Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, Project Feb14 may spark controversies with laden multiple mental disorders but the message of the story will make you reflect on the realities of the teens today - pompous and impulsive. The fact that most kids these days are too curious about the dark web, the bait to get them engage in such dark activities is open and real for all of the youth today. I loved that the catharsis will let the kids who'd dare to watch this realize that it will take a big mistake to eventually unveil the consequences of their curiosities. 
McCoy De Leon was really remarkable as an actor and like what we've all been discussing, he may get an award for his acting performance in Project Feb.14. To those skeptics who'd view it differently, presenting such dark themes and characters should definitely use the series as a lesson to warn the youth today instead of encouraging them to do similar acts. Parents should never let their kids out of sight online and always, always listen to what the kids do not say. Don't miss Project Feb14 on IWantTV. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/DreamscapePH/