Ms. Ria Atayde on #HighonIWantTV shares the dangers of social media #RiaonHigh

Ria Atayde is on a High now with such an amazing role in a suspense thriller TV series "HIGH" on IWantTV. Directed by Dondon Santos, Ria plays the sister Gabby of Marcus Patterson (Migz) who goes on challenges and finds trouble in the final task. 
We've watched the four episodes on IWantTV and have interviewed Ria on the scenes most difficult to watch. The most challenging was the selfie on top of the building which looked really scary. According to Ria, mom Sylvia Sanchez-Atayde had to visit the set to ensure her safety.  She was one tough babe to even agree doing the stunt without doubles.
The drone shots from beginning to end were marvelous and jaw-dropping I had to review and watch it again. It was like watching a Hollywood action-thriller with such valuable lessons to teach the youth today about the dangers of social media. Do not miss #RiaonHigh #HighonIWantTV Saturdays now on its last four episodes. For more information and episodes download IWantTV app on your phones.