Event: SVPTOP International launches G-Webphone - free calls here and abroad in app

Best things in life are free. Free unlimited calls and all you need is just download GWebphone app. SVPTOP International on its continued pursuit to deliver cost-cutting products and services launched an app to get Filipino families connected thru GWebphone. With brand ambassadors Marina Benipayo and Ricardo Cepeda, Brick and Leila Agcopra of SVPTOP together with affiliate heads Engr. Anton Mendoza of G-Bio Energy and Agriculture, Engr.Xiel Salaya of GWebphone and Mr.Archimedes Miclat, fellow media discussed SVPTOP International products and services- GMinds, GPowerPatch, GUSBport to save energy in cars, Gas Regulator that saves and protects use of gas and gas regulators, GBio-fertilizer that exponentially produce crops and safe to the environment and GWebphone a downloadable app that lets you call anybody here and abroad for free.
What was most interesting to marvel at was their GPower Patch which looked simple just attaching the stickers to electrical cords. It will reduce electricity consumption and will help protect devices from surge. 
Simply download the app on Google Playstore and Apple register. Verify using your cellphone and the app will call you for verification code to start using the application. It's convenient and definitely worth a try. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/SPVTOPInternationaIncERICKFARRAL/