Event: The story of Donnie and Kath in Viva Films' "Hanggang Kailan" opens Feb6 in cinemas

When is it a happy kind of sad story in a relationship? We joined Viva Films and BluArt Productions' "Hanggang Kailan" grand media conference last night at La Reve Events Place. Starring Xian Lim as Donnie and Louise Delos Reyes as Kath directed by Bona Fajardo, Viva Films and BluArt Productions' "Hanggang Kailan" is a story of two people in the beautiful place of Saga Prefecture in Japan. Also produced by Xian Lim via XL8, "Hanggang Kailan" is a non-linear form of narrative unfolding the mysteries of flawed characters Donnie (Xian) and Kath (Louise) touring one of the most unchartered and unpopular places in Japan - Saga Prefecture. 
Like most of Direk Bona Fajardo's movies, "Hanggang Kailan" will feature the most beautiful spots of Saga in Japan and the scenic and romantic places while the characters unveil a unique love story that will make you decide and think of what best ending before you leave the theater according to Direk Bona Fajardo.
Xian Lim was all praises to Louise whom he met for the first time in a movie on their way to Saga Prefecture. Louise was as just sharing admiration to the passion of co-actor Xian Lim tagged as the new leading actor of this generation. Leveled-up acting according to direk Bona Fajardo, Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes gave their best acting performances which made the film truly remarkable and unforgettable. We will definitely not miss what happened to the story of Kath and Donnie in "Hanggang Kailan" to open Feb 6 in cinemas. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/hanggangkailanmovie/