Event: #MichaelAngelo launches Season 13 on GMA News TV and Simply Suka

Optimism will always imbibe similar opportunities. We met the inspirational ex-seminarian Michael Angelo last week to discuss his latest endeavors and his upcoming Season 13 show on GMA News TV. From speaking before audience who followed his bundle of joy, Michael Angelo developed his own brand of spiced vinegar- Simply Suka. His #MichaelAngelo show aired on GMA News TV had gained following because of his feel-good comedy that inspire the viewers to face life's struggles with such motivation.
He shared to us his humble beginnings where sponsors used to back out and now firm believers because of his infinite bag of wits and wisdom many needs nowadays. I loved him talking about the youth and the growing need to inspire them from the toxic culture of social media.
Season 13 of his TV show also streamed via his own YouTube channel will soon have games and outdoor activities to get viewers opportunity to interact with fellow comedians like Betong, Maey Bautista and other collaborators. It was an unforgettable and inspiring afternoon hearing Michael Angelo and we can all watch him on GMA News TV. To follow his YouTube simply subscribe to https://youtu.be/umXRH5_LS4E