Event: First love blues at #Elise opens Feb6 in cinemas

 First love never dies is a popular quote true to some but not to all. We joined fellow bloggers covering Regal Films' pre-valentine offering for 2019 "Elise" grand presscon last Wednesday at Valencia Events Place. Starring Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez, Laura Lehman and Miko Raval directed by Joel Ferrer, "Elise" is a promising movie to start the new year especially intended for millenials.
Asked what their plans are for the Chinese new year, the cast followed Enchong Dee's new plan to keep money in wallet and in pocket which the other members find most interesting to observe. The movie they say will narrate qualms about first love and deciding whether to keep it going or leave it and move on. Don't miss "Elise" showing Feb 6 in cinemas nationwide. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc/