Review: The cries in Aurora, opens Dec25 in cinemas

What is scarier than negligence and indifference in disasters. ALIUD Entertainment and Viva Films present their official entry to MMFF2018 Aurora. Starring Anne Curtis- Smith directed by Yam Laranas, the movie held its grand premiere last night at SM Megamall Cinema.
The horrors of deaths and struggles during a ship havoc at sea shot in Batanes will let you reminisce what most of us ignore these days - safety before greed. The overloading of passengers in a boat disaster that inspired the film will let you experience the grim and darkness of qualms unheard from the depths of the sea. I would like to applaud the film's efforts in trying to visualize in details the graphic images of how each victim dies in a boat disaster depicted and the families mourning at the carcasses. The movie will leave you thinking that indeed the souls should arise to awaken the living of their negligence. Aurora is an important film for the Filipino to remember that greed will spell death. Do not miss Aurora in cinemas starting Dec25. For more info visit