Event: The unheard minority in the voice of Samirah Gutoc

 I used to stare at her in college while she joined groups in protest. It may be unbelievable but I have never been introduced to her since she was my classmate in Comm I in UP Diliman in 1991. Last week, I was given the privilege to hear her speak and oh my- my jaws dropped at her experience in Marawi. Samira Gutoc shared to us last week how she won the N-Peace Award for the Philippines under Untold Stories category for her efforts towards peace-building and her role in the advancement of the rights of women and the marginalized sector in Marawi. 
A graduate of Communication and Master in International Studies at UP Diliman, Samira became the first female president of UP Muslim Students Association at Metro Manila Muslim Youth and Student Alliance.  She also earned her law degree at Arellano University and became fellow at Oxford Center of Islamic Studies in London, a member of Phil Army Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board and awarded TOYM for Leadership and nominated TOWNS.
Served as assemblywoman at ARMM Legislative Assembly, member of Bangsamoro Transition Commission and served spokesperson at Ranao Rescue Team in Marawi. She hopes to pursue the crusade and advocacy to help mothers and fellow bakwit when elected senator next year. Meet my classmate, a fellow mother and advocate of peace - Samira Gutoc