Event: Sylviahera airs online via CasaNieves.TV, Sylvia Sanchez shares journey in travelogue show #Sylviahera

Our Meryl Streep in the Philippines' Ms Sylvia Sanchez- Atayde shared her new show "Sylviahera" to be aired on CasaNieves.TV YouTube account last Thursday. I have just cried buckets last night watching her #MMKFindingNita episode about Alzheimers' disease and I have never forgotten her role being the mom of John Lloyd Cruz in "The Trial". Ms Sylvia Sanchez-Atayde is on a roll and had kept her unveiled talents up on her sleeves.
A graduate of culinary school, Ms Sylvia did not pursue business in food and being a chef but had continued passionately cooking for the family. Sylviahera will feature the raw footages of Ms Sylvia exploring the market, haggling with vendors, personally preparing dishes starting from her hometown Nasipit, Butuan. 
We had a special viewing of some snippets from the episodes and I'm already excited with her personalized lechon recipe. How does it differ from all the other region's endemic delicacies'? I guess it's also the story in every dish and every episode where Ms Sylvia bares the family and the local indigenous culture and legacy. Do not miss Sylviahera premiering Dec24 at 12:01 am right at your Noche Buena moments to keep family together. Merry Christmas to your family and mine! For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/CasaNieves.TV/