Event: BlacksheepPH joins Epic Media PH in "Motel Acacia" , first multi-racial international horror film

 What would scare us all? We had a long conversation about the love for horror films with the international cast of BlacksheepPH and Epic Media's first venture "Motel Acacia" on its story conference held last Tuesday at Delgado's Quezon City. Starring JC Ssntos and Agot Isidro, Motel Acacia will feature a horror film about a creature that lurks in Motel Acacia eating men and impregnating women. Belgian actor and composer Jan Bijvoet joined playing the father of JC, Australian actors Will James and Talia Zucker, Indonesian famous actor Nicholas Saputra and Bront Palarae, and Thai's Vithaya Pansingram joined producer from Singapore Bradley Liew to shoot the horror film in Slovenia and Manila.
Without giving away details that might spoil the film, the cast shared their experience about their roles and scary stories that happened in real life. This is going to be the most exciting horror film produced by BlacksheepPH with Epic Media soon to show in cinemas. For more information please visit https://www.epicmedia.ph/motel-acacia/