Review: Thrill and fun at Class of 2018, opens today Nov7 in cinemas nationwide

Lessons learned outside the classroom get to be more valuable for teens these days. T-Rex Entertainment Productions Inc., held the grand premiere night of its latest film "Class of 2018". Directed by Charliebebs Gohetia and co-written by Jericho Aguado, "Class of 2018" is the neweest motion picture that tells the story of a class of high school misfits who get quarantied in a military facility observing behaviors after contracting a deadly virus. Starring Sharlene San Pedro, Nash Aguas, Kristel Fulgar, CJ Navato and Kiray Celis, Class of 2018 was the teen thriller response to the trending loveteam Nashlene (Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro) clamor online. 
The movie opens in the familiar rowdy classroom of misfits where no one actually pays attention to the lesson. The reality depicted where the students were on mobile phones while class was ongoing is one of the most interesting facets of the film before the presentation of the conflict. The setting set in a remote forest where they have previously established virus spread in the 80s was just one of what made the film predictable. But, like all the other teen thriller flicks, the characters of the film brought the whole entertainment.
Kiray Celis was as expected the scene-stealer with random banters that got the whole crowd screaming and laughing. Nashlene (Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro) fans will definitely be happy with the cute love expressions. It was the familiar "kilig" scenario in my classroom except that the lead stars were the one in impeccable action stunts. The movie was rated R-16 for some of graphic images and violence during the chase scenes. What's most unforgettable was the familiar qualms of teens not being heard or given attention by parents which explains the behavior and choices. Like so many teens of today who found no solace among classmates, the blog habits became the fuel of issues and arguments. As a teacher, I was just startled at the use of the word "irregardless" which to many linguists is a redundant and referred to as nonstandard and grammatically incorrect by American Heritage Dictionary. Class of 2018 should be watched by teens as it is intended for teens lost and bullied neglected if not abandoned by parents. The The movie presented the conflict and resolution known to many and quite predictable but the language and the antics will definitely entertain any type of age. Don't miss Class of 2018 showing starting today November 7 in cinemas nationwide. For more information please visit for more updates.