Review: The irony in sunsets at Through Night and Day opens November 14 in cinemas

Sometimes we realize a wrong decision too late that we have no choice but to just appreciate what's left. We joined the grand premiere of Viva Films and Octo Arts Films "Through Night And Day" at SM Megamall last night. Starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis, "Through Night and Day" tells the love story of Jen and Ben who traveled Iceland realizing what matters in their relationship.
Directed by Veronica Velasco, what was most unforgettable was the outstanding performance of Paolo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi. I was not aware Paolo was that good as an actor that my tears just kept falling in the end. The journey to Iceland and their journey together as a couple just went in congruence with circumstances. The tragedy ended like how their love story started, the love and joke of sunsets which made the movie honest and beautiful. I"ll definitely recommend the movie to all who had their hearts broken and those who haven't. Don't miss Through Night and Day showing tomorrow Nov14 in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit