Event: Viral Thai personality Mader Sitang endorses H&H Makeover Salon and siganture Mader Sitang cologne for him/her

Her passion to living her dreams finally came true. Our fave headbanging dancer from Thailand Mader Sitang came to the Philippines last week to meet fans and endorse H&H Makeover Salon at SM North The Block. The 56 year-old former human rights lawyer shared her blessings to people by sharing food and money to kids and onlookers. 
 During the interview at her endorsed H&H Makeover Salon located at the 4th floor of SM North The Block, she shared her appreciation of the Filipino fans saying her fountain of youth and relentless energy came from praying religiously. She actually keeps a husband for years now and she is trying to consider staying in the Philippines for good.
I've tried Mader Sitang signature cologne for men and for women. Sold at H&H Makeover Salon for Php349 per bottle, the scent is neither strong or light with hues of lemongrass reminding you of what makes Thai special and beautiful. Don't miss Mader Sitang brought by Wilbert Tolentino who is also trying to get Vice Ganda collaborate for H&H Makeover Salon. Thank you Mader Sitang for your big heart.For info visit https://www.facebook.com/HHMakeover/