Event: More fun at PlayhousePH with Marlon and Patty, Zeke and Sheila and Cindy

Always bringing you sunshine everyday is PlayhousePH before Its Showtime and now that Patty and Marlon are back in the same house, the family members are up to more surprises and antics. Marlon (Zanjoe) will try to woo Patty (Angelica ) back and we'll either cheer for the teens joining Zeke(Donny) and Sheila(Kisses Delavin) also having their moments.
 We met the cast of PlayhousePH for a short chat on their experiences and grown friendship. Angelica (Patty) felt overwhelmed with fans seeing her character as inspirational and was elated at the positive tweets of fans. She was also joking trying to get DonKiss closer because she felt Kisses was a bit slow.
The fun cast also shared their regular bonding moments at the set. AC Bonifacio as Cindy also shared laughter at bloopers while taping. Don't miss GMO Unit's PlayhousePH airing daily before Its Showtime. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNnetwork/