Event: Blacksheep's QC Cinema entry "Oda sa Wala" poetry and reverie of nothing with Marietta Subong and direk Dwein Baltazar

We heed purpose and find nothing, sometimes. I guess the yearning develops and intensifies when we are alone and living alone. Award-winning actress/comedienne Mamang Pokwang used her real name Marietta Subong for the first time in Blacksheep's entry to QC Cinema- "Oda Sa Wala". Directed by Dwein Baltazar who also wrote Exes Baggage and other popular millenial movies, Oda sa Wala narrates the story of Sonya- an old maid who works as a makeup artist for the dead.
Direk Dwein found Mamang Pokwang a brilliant actress perfect for the role of Sonya. Mamang Pokwang shared to us her happy experience working with Direk Dwein especially at scenes where the male corpse is completely naked. The dark comedy from a poetry screenplay written from a Ricky Lee writing workshop was the inspiration in completing the film. Just like what my friends have posted after seeing the gala screening last night, "Oda Sa Wala" is haunting and engaging so don't miss it. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/BlackSheepABSCBN/ and    https://www.facebook.com/QCinemaPH/