Review: My What ifs in #TheHowsOfUs

It's nuts and bolts in relationships more than the expected dream fairy tale. I went to watch StarCinema's latest blockbuster The Hows Of Us expecting another KathNiel kilig movie and  it left me contemplating how I have been a Primo (Daniel Padilla) and George (Kathryn Bernardo). Direk Cathy Garcia Molina delivered yet another most memorable movie if not the best movie that gave a more real love story, one true to the actors playing and true to me and many of us who have gone in and out of relationships. It was, funny and painful yet daunting that digs deep into the soul. 
I have been a Primo who, with all my heart have tried to keep passion above practicality and George also giving it all and sacrificing til there was no reason to stay. I remembered saying the lines of George and also regretting when I saw the letter. The difference was, the guy was already gone and have left farther than Primo. My Hows were one incomprehensible to those close to me. He was already out of the country when I read the letter and no matter how I blamed myself then, he did not prove stronger than Primo.
The Hows Of Us dug even deeper part of my past after watching the film reminding me that love, in some facets of perspective is an endless battle fought together and not against the tides. I have blamed myself repeatedly contemplating on the what-ifs and retired exhausting because it was too late. Do not miss The Hows of Us now showing in more than 300 cinemas nationwide.