Review: Fun and more reasons to watch #TheHopefulRomantic now showing in cinemas nationwide

You want to weed off the negative vibes from politics these days and when food prices soar while your boss is just hideous, it is the perfect time to watch Regal Films' The Hopeful Romantic. Directed by Topel Lee starring Pepe Herrera and Ritz Azul, The Hopeful Romantic narrates a story of a valet driver Jess who meets Veronica, a high-maintenance dreamer in a hotel.
The premise of Jess (Pepe Herrera) saving his virginity was compromised after Veronica (Ritz) captivated his soul and the hilarious circumstances while dating got more interesting with the support cast providing the fun and banters in between scenes. The movie was too funny I have forgotten that time passed and the movie ended. 
I loved the character of Jess being a very pure and innocent virgin and the scenes with Veronica. Ms Beverly Salviejo with Bodjie Pascua became unforgettable. The movie has the right amount of gags and antics that will lift your spirits especially with all the hullaballoo in politics. Don't miss The Hopeful Romantic now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit