Event: Clean fun and relevant social issues of Pinoy in "Hapi Ang Buhay Musical" Worldwide Premiere

The fuss among groups usually starts with one person passing wrong assumptions. The comedy TV series Hapi Ang Buhay shown on Net25 held its full length musical movie last Friday at SM Megamall. Written and directed by internationally-acclaimed Carlo Ortega Cuevas who won Best Director in Foreign Language for the film "Walang Take Two"at the International Filmmaker of World Cinema in London and Best Newcomer Filmmaker of the Year at the World Film Awards in Jakarta Indonesia, Cuevas' last film "Guerrero" recently won Best Feature Comedy Film at the Amsterdam International Film Festival 2018 and Best Editing in a Foreign Language at the Madrid International Film Festival 2018. "Hapi Ang Buhay the Musical" adds another laurel to his exemplary genre of comedy that teaches the value of verifying sources as against to the reality of rampant fake news all over the country.
Veteran actors Mike Magat, Victor Neri and Antonio Aquitania now proud members of INC shared gratitude for being part of the film taken in one shoot produced by EBC Films. The movie revolves around the problem when one "bumbay" Alfajor, a local moneylender is found unconscious in an alley and Baranggay Kaysaya is thrown into confusion. We loved how the musical narrated how assumptions and speculations spring gossip among the community and when the lie reverberated, the confusion interpellates among constituents. Truth, no matter how hard it hides will find a way to be known. Hapi Ang Buhay should definitely be watched by all especially those who stay at home and students. Watch out for the scheduled block screenings announced among local INC community groups.