Review: When Sarah became Nova and what mothers give in Miss Granny, now showing in cinemas

We are not given the chance to pursue our dream once drowned with responsibilies. Viva Films' latest blockbuster Miss Granny from CJ Entertainment did a remake of the Korean movie starring Sarah Geronimo, James Reid and Xian Lim directed by Bb Joyce Bernal now showing in cinemas nationwide. I've watched the Korean version months ago and was excited to be in the premiere last Monday at Trinoma cinema. Miss Granny PH was in toto of the Korean but Sarah Geronimo indeed delivered an outstanding performance looking similar to Nova Villa who plays the elder character.
Kim Molina was effective being the annoying daughter of Bert (Buboy Garovillo) and James was funny yet adorable playing the grand son.The movie took me by surprise seeing familiar details from the Korean version yet melted my heart at original Filipino details like the bangus and the corn. The songs of the past like "Kiss Me Kiss Me" of Efren Montes and Sharon's song towards the end will take you back to the heydays of Viva Films. Miss Granny is one movie sure to definitely take your breath away especially the last scene with Nonie Buencamino and Sarah Geronimo in the hospital. The movie encapsulates the fact that we do not appreciate the details of sacrifice our mothers give us -unconditonal love. Do not miss it now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit