Review: How much can you give at The Day After Valentines, #PPP2018 showing Aug15-21 in cinemas

I have also been broken enough to understand and sympathize with those about to break. I joined fellow media attending the premiere of Viva Films' official entry to Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 "The Day After Valentines" last Monday at Trinoma Mall QC. Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring Bela Padilla as Lani and JC Santos as Kai meeting at crossroads, The Day After Valentines reflects what happens in reality that couples sometimes choose to be wise than risk breaking hearts. Kai broken from a previous love gets saved by Lani eventually developing attachment more than affection. The romance brewed further in Lanai, Hawaii gets diffused as Kai chooses to attend to family over Lani. The latter suffers to fight her own demons and the choices at the end reminded me how we have not seen that the other person has nothing to do with saving or breaking a relationship. We either meet a soul for a reason or they become a lesson. The story happened to me before and even if I did not shed a tear, pain lurked and harped all scars of my past enough to send me grieving the following day. The movie, in all its cute forms of endearment using our old language Baybayin speaks of the youth of today - impetuous and too emotional. Giving too much of yourself breaks your core. The  Day After Valentines opens today at selected PPP2018 cinemas. For more information visit