Grovic Pharma brings organic and alcohol-free Trilodent Gold mouthwash to the Philippines

We all love products made in Korea because their standards resonate world-class and distinction for quality. I've joined fellow bloggers attending an intimate blogcon with Grovic Pharmaceuticals to introduce their newest product "Trilodent Gold". Made from organic and true herbs and extracts from bees and fruits, Trilodent Gold competes along with all accreditation and clearances like the FDA. Listed worldwide as quality and safe mouthwash that deep cleans the teeth and the gums, Trilodent Gold took all necessary permits and accreditation before placing them in the supermarkets to ensure consumers' safety.
The conversations on mouth care daunted thoughts reminiscing the Filipino culture of nganga and the growing negligence of teachers evident of throat and larynx infection these days. Alcohol-based drinks, food and mouthwash dry the mouth and it is difficult and expensive. Trilodent Gold according to Grovic Pharma President Mr.Ronel Lalic and Sales and Marketing Mr.Erwin Sison said the main ingredient of the product is alcohol-free and organic - Propolis Extract.
The longer the teacher keeps shouting, the more pain and damage it does to the throat. I've tried Trilodent before and after teaching and I've noticed the difference to the competing brand- it is indeed not drying and alcohol-free. After three days of using Trilodent Gold before teaching, I no longer worry if I smell my lunch or coffee in front of my students.
It was also demonstrated using a transparent cup revealing the residue in the mouth after the 30seconds rinse/gargle.For more information visit