Angels Pizza's new pizza flavors - Buffalo Chicken and Creamy Spinach Dip

No one can resist pizza and when the pack deserves a treat, it will always be Angels Pizza. My campus journalists asked me for a treat after winning the District Secondary Schools Press Conference last week so I've chosen Angels Pizza's newest flavors Buffalo Chicken and Creamy Spinach Dip.
With my Angels Pizza ID, I was able to avail of Buy 1 Take 1 pizza to feed the famished kids after a long day at school. Just as expected, it was hard to even snap a photo when the pizza boxes arrived so I just asked them which flavor they preferred. From the 8 boxes of varied flavors Classic and new flavors, 25 out 29 studes chose Creamy Spinach Dip because of its tasty kick to the tongue compared to the meaty varieties. I loved how we all managed to celebrate after a competition at cost sponsored by former contestant of mine who had just arrived from completing his Doctorate in Law at the University of Michigan- Thank you Atty. Tom Temprosa! For more info visit or