Event: JoshLia at I Love You Hater Bloggers Conference, opens July11 in cinemas

 Julia and Joshua for reel and for reel got us all reflecting about the type of netizens we have these days. Playing Zoey (Julia) and Joko (Joshua) in Star Cinema's latest romantic comedy I Love You Hater, the loveteam works hard on and off screen. Julia recounted the moments Joshua was murmuring video greetings while asleep on the plane. We've loved the two in their previous blockbuster movies and this new movie set to open in cinemas this Wednesday July11 will get the two competing to be the assistant of social media mogul Sasha played by the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.
When asked during the blogcon yesterday about what particular details of film making have they become so obsessed, Julia mentioned shots she wanted improved to which Joshua also mentioned wanting to study film if given the chance to continue his studies. 
Julia also wanted to study business and she plans to study abroad. I will never forget how Julia was so thoughtful to my own mother when she mentioned that her mom always inspire her to better address fans and netizens ranting and posting comments online. They have both learned to mum at times the issue hard to answer and realized some people simply deserve silence to diffuse the controversy. Honest and polite as always, Julia and Joshua will definitely gain more followers with their impeccable attitude. Thank you JoshLia and to your parents who taught you well. You are true example of the youth's role model today- polite and sincere. Don't miss I Love You Hater starting July 11 in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/starcinemaofficial/