Event: Bb.Pilipinas Universe1997 Abbygale Arenas shares "88 Things Every Professional Should Know Or Else"

Poise is a choice. Even President Duterte bashed with his words on social media should also learn from Bb.Pilipinas Universe 1997 Abbygale Arenas who recommends this significant fact stated in her book "88 Things Every Professional Should Know Or Else" launched yesterday at Romulo Cafe Quezon City to redeem his image and look professional with his upcoming State of the Nation Address this month.
Ms.Abby whose career turned from being a beauty queen to beauty consultant and now an inspirational speaker taught the media basic tips on how feeling good turns tables and change fate in the corporate world. She taught us all how smile is the best cosmetic anyone can learn to carry.
Gaining trust and confidence will be quick and easy if you follow basic tips from her book launched by ABS-CBN's No Ink Publishing yesterday. A happy mother and wife, she regularly takes care of the home and the nutrition of all members of his family. I really loved the strategies she employed explaining the simple steps to looking professional. Aaron Domingo of ABS-CBN PR even attested those she trained from ABS-CBN Studio Tours have become successful abroad. I really hope our president learns from Ms.Abbygale Arenas to better appreciate his efforts for the country. Ms.Abby is open for trainings and workshops. Do follow her @abbygalearenas on Instagram and Twitter. Grab a copy of 88 Things Every Professional Should Know Or Else available now in National Bookstore. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/NoInkABSCBN/