Event: Aiai Delas Alas renews contract of #HobeQuickCookBihon

Comedy queen Ms.Aiai Delas Alas has her hands full of endorsements and movie projects including GMA's The Clash and brands had kept loyal as sales triple after AiAi endorse the product. Mr. Bobby Co of HOBE attested to Ms. Aiai being an effective brand ambassador.
Ms. Aiai shared during the presscon held at Chang Ai Restaurant along Esguerra Ave. Quezon City that she loved eating organic and she had experimented veggies to use as ingredients in cooking pansit bihon.
Pansit Bihon is Ms. Aiai's favorite noodle and she also believes that it promotes long life like our fellow Chinese. For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/HobeExpressInstantBihon/