Review: Love saves in #Adrift now showing in cinemas

That mush kept a woman alive. From the true story of Tami Oldham Ashcraft and Richard Sharp in a tragedy sailing from Tahiti to San Diego in 1983 and ran smacking into Hurricane Raymond. The beautiful love story of Tami(Shailene Woodley) and Richard (Sam Claflin) became the reason to survive as a castaway for more than 41 days. I loved that though the story may seem familiar, the narration was impeccable. The flashbacks in between paved the denouement which comes surprising towards the end. This is a love story with intimacy without having to show sex scenes. It is a romantic movie the two actors best fit- just like the blockbuster movies the two have previously starred. Shailene Woodley is just beautiful and Sam Claflin is a dreamboy all women want as an ideal boyfriend. Don't miss #Adrift now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information visit