Meeting Luigi Revilla: his family's values and acting passion in Imus Productions' TRES

Luigi exudes the oozing charm of a Revilla and more to melt any lady's heart when he smiles. We met former senator Bong Revilla's equally handsome son Luigi yesterday at Afters Espresso Cafe and Restaurant yesterday to get to know his character in Imus Productions' #Tres movie.
Running a marketing business with his own family, Luigi Revilla would not like to let an opportunity pass to please his father Bong Revilla and half brother Jolo who also stars in the movie TRES directed by Dondon Santos. Luigi shared to us his admiration for brother Jolo and was encouraged to join the action suspense movie because of his training in Muay Thai. He was previously introduced as a member of GMA Artists Center but religiously follows his family's career in Kapamilya. He shared his hopes to also work with Kapamilya actors and actresses and praised his leading lady in the movie Myrtle Sarrosa. 
Luigi also shared his life being the son of Bong Revilla from non-showbiz mom Lovely Guzman who's already happily married with kids. He enjoys the Revilla clan's Sunday lunch tradition where he gets to spend time with other siblings aside from Jolo. We were all in awe at Luigi sharing how Ms.Lani Mercado treats him like his own son and how the family supports his acting endeavors. What particular role will he play in Imus Productions' "TRES"? Find out more following Luigi on social media @luigirevilla on Instagram, FB and Twitter