Event: My Daily Collagen is Papa Piolo Pascual's secret to health and wellness

Papa P is the perfect man that completes our daily lives. Everywhere and every moment we see his TVCs and daily "Since I Found You" and Saturdays "Home Sweetie Home" Sundays at "ASAP", Lav Diaz' movie with Shaina Magdayao " Panahon Ng Halimaw" to more projecrs up his sleeve, the ultimate hearthrob Piolo must have superpowers to juggle all that. He shared to us his latest food supplement My Daily Collagen, a brand made by Filipino gaining market in Japan and other countries. 
Debunking that collagen is for girls and for beauty, Piolo Pascual was launched yesterday at Cities Events Place as the first male endorser of collagen which is actually a superprotein. For years, collagen has only been associated to maintaining beauty when in fact, collagen is a common structural protein found in all types of skins and connective tissues—that is even with men. Collagen is considered as the “glue” that holds the bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and the skin together.
But more than that, since it’s packed with the superprotein, My Daily Collagen is packed with myriads of benefits that Piolo attest to.
I've been taking collagen in tablet form and not as a drink and when Ms Ana Perez of MY DAILY COLLAGEN explained how the drink is more potent, I was convinced to switch. My Daily Collagen contains Royal Jelly, VitB, VitC and Elastin as it comprises marine peptides. Known for their quality skin care products, My Daily Collagen is produced by Global Wellness Enterprise in partnership with Nizona Corporation in Japan. For more updates about My Daily Collagen, just visit Facebook and Instagram @mydailycollagen, or visit https://www.globalwellnessph.com