Event: Empress, Kristel Fulgar and Andrea Brillantes to start shooting a new film by direk Bona Fajardo

BluArt Productions continues to explore and promote regions through films. After the success of "I Found My Heart in Santa Fe" which is set to show in China this month, BluArt Productions introduced the three female leads of a new film project last Monday at B Hotel Quezon City.
Starmagic talents Empress Schuck, Kristel Fulgar and Andrea Brillantes signed contracts for a film promoting Samar with BluArt. Dubbed "A Spark in Samar"(tentative title) about three complete strangers making peace with their past. 
Empress will play Joey, a social entrepreneur and designer who grew up resenting her father whom she has never known. Kristel will essay the part of Mikee, a food and travel blogger while Andrea will play Ally, an aspiring singer/musician. The three young women’s paths will cross in Samar. Other important roles are those of Dong, a retired musician; Edlyn, Dong’s common-law wife; Reggie. Joey’s boyfriend; Tupe, Mikee’s suitor; Paco, the love interest of Mikee; Jiro, a Japanese tourist; Kaito, Jiro’s uncle; Taluntoy, a local kid; and Nanay Caridad, Dong’s surrogate mother. “A Spark in Samar” is a proud offering of BluArt Productions directed by Bona Fajardo. Direk Bona has paid his dues, starting out as art director in two of the late Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s landmark films “Jose Rizal” and “Muro Ami.” He has since ventured into being a director himself with such credits as 2005’s “Miss Pinoy,” Judy Ann Santos’ first indie outing; 2009’s “Iliw;” last year’s “Santa Fe;” and the upcoming “A Spark in Samar.”It is interesting to note that Direk Bona seems to be a strong believer of the film discipline that adheres to films as more than a story of characters but a story of the place as well. “Iliw” was shot in Vigan and now, his latest will be filmed in Samar. And in “A Spark in Samar,” the director attempts to combine romance with gripping drama, greatly aided by a wonderful cast headed by three of the industry’s fine young actresses. Cinematic sparks are sure to fly once filming starts for “A Spark in Samar.”