Review: Why #SidAndAyaNotALoveStory is a love story

A good person is a rare find like the black swan. For why N2 and Viva Films' Sid and Aya is not a love story may also be true considering the narration validates the black swan theory, almost all parts of the film was Sid falling in love with Aya. Dingdong Dantes being the ruthless monster stock broker Sid and Anne Curtis being the user Aya using her charms to squeeze money out of her prey were, both victims of their circumstances and it became the truths of some of us, if not all of us.
What we loved most about this film is its beautiful consideration to redeem the darkness of Sid and Aya showing the traces of each character's past. That no matter how cruel some of us had become because of our circumstances, we can choose to turn tables around like Sid and Aya. Maybe we can also practice the habit of taking risks, believe that we are also deserving of the risks even if it means failing. Don't miss Viva Films and N2's "Sid and Aya" now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit