Review: When you should be #SoConnected

Most of the time, we do not check what the whole story is and we all judge. I've joined fellow bloggers attending the red carpet premiere of Regal Films' latest romantic film "So Connected". Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake with Kristal Brimner, Chai Fonacier, Ruby Rodriguez, Hashtag Paulo Angeles, Rolando Inocencio, Cherise Castro, VJ Mendoza, Paeng Sundayan, Vance Larena, Basti Santos and Marnie Lapus, "So Connected" tells the story of two ill-fated teens on social media and their fears to reconnect. 
 Janella Salvador as Trisha works as a waitress in Pampanga to escape from her ugly fate being bashed on social media from an incident we are all familiar with - nagging and speaking broken English to an old woman who ripped her off buying pirated DVDs. Jameson Blake as Karter was also a victim of cyberbullying being bashed online from a failed proposal and disconnects. The two connected from a scene familiar to all, losing a mobile phone and the other buying it from a bystander in the streets through a cloud account. 
Even if Karter (Jameson) seemed creepy stalking Trisha after pity at her painful video upload on his cloud account, Jameson became a dreamboy which everyone would wish as a boyfriend-thoughtful, sweet and resourceful. Trisha was just too adorable being the girl-next-door with her rap song and fondness for violet and ginilo(milk-tea type of drink in Pampanga). The movie became our story and in between the kilig screams and the conversations to the hand-me-down elephant doll Panti-Panti, the reflection on real intentions brought them back together. I loved the movie's simple yet complex deal of emotions. The movie taught me that sometimes we need to disconnect to realize when we should be #soconnected. Don't miss "So Connected" now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more info please visit