Event: #PayItForward The mother of Divine Grace School Mrs Estela Canalita is Ulirang Ina Award 2018 - Education #UlirangInaAwards2018

She greets everyone at the gate of Divine Grace School with a smile and an offer to help. Mrs. Estela Canalita, the founder and the mother of Divine Grace School in Quezon City was hailed Ulirang Ina Awardee 2018 in Education yesterday at The Manila Hotel. 
Behind her smile and warm accommodation was a story of struggle migrating from Malasiqui, Pangasinan to the city to raise her family. Being an educator, she thought of serving more children building a school from home. Years later, Divine Grace School started becoming a prestigious educational institution instilled with values she abhor to all children. 
Mam Estela built everything from her heart and paid it forward. Divine Grace School became her home and the family grew bigger expanding its resources and areas of expertise. With new buildings and facilities grown from her genuine passion to be a mother to children including the students who enrolled and graduated in her school, she earned love and respect far greater than this award given at the 25th Ulirang Ina Awards yesterday. "I give them my full attention", she said when asked what task she loved most being a mother. Mam Estela is a passionate cook offering her sinigang to guests at gatherings. It's her eyes of gratitude and joy that kept me sobbing at the background while she walked the red carpet yesterday. She is one mother truly worth the spotlight. Congratulations Mam Estela! Please keep us all inspired with your motherly love!