Event: #LifeGoals A 90 year-old mother of eleven Mrs. Rosario F. Cortes is Ulirang Ina ng Angkan 2018 #UlirangInaAwards2018 #MothersDay

A sharp memory and a heart of gold is hard to find these days. Who knew that a mother of eleven which could've been twelve was able to gather all to rekindle love for the family. Mrs. Rosario F. Cortes, the mother of Melinda Medallo of DanilynsPH Enterprises was hailed Ulirang Ina ng Angkan 2018, one among the 25th Ulirang Ina Awardees yesterday at The Manila Hotel. 
In this day and age where too many people find it difficult to keep going, our 90 year-old Mommy Rosario had kept enthusiasm to gather the herd and roll call each child in the dinner table. Her soulmate husband may have passed away eight years ago but her children continued passing the torch to build a strong and loving family. If she had not lost one child from diptheria, it could've been a dozen. Juggling to work as a "mananahi" and a mother to 11 was not easy but it was always her husband who kept keeping the family happy and together. 
She recalled how her husband completed all tasks coming home one day after work and the food had already been prepared. Yesterday at The Manila Hotel when she was about to walk the red carpet to receive her Ulirang Ina Award 2018, she was reminded of her greatest fortune, her children. Her two boys have grown to take after her husband's role to walk the red carpet. She was carefully escorted to the stage and she was completely happy.
Grandchildren of Mam Rosario exuded the same joy gagging mom snapping photos while munching a choco cake while seated at the ceremonies. They found Mommy Rosario funny and affectionate especially on her stories about the Japanese. Mommy Rosario is indeed going to be real busy attending to grandchildren she lost count how many but the truth of the matter is her love extended on me. While she was telling me about the eleven, the mention on the youngest who had polio daunted me and I was in tears after. Thank you Mrs. Rosario F. Cortes for the good example and the reminder that no matter the differences, the family should always remain family and together. I am forever grateful for this heartwarming experience and may all of us imbibe your big heart. Thank you for the inspiration #UlirangInaNgAngkan2018 #UlirangInaAward2018 Mrs.Rosario F Cortes.