Event: #CinemaWorldonSKY presents Diego Luna's "Abel" on May13 2:30pm on SkyCable

How can one lil kid change everything? We were so amazed at the characters of Diego Luna's "Abel" last night brought by CinemaWorld and SkyCable in celebration of #EspritDeCannes. Abel is one among the five films featured on #EspritDeCannes along with five award-winning movies #Cannes Vote #Mama #MidAugustLunch #Abel #Waterboys #Infiltration on May13 via http://cinemaworld.asia/espritdecannes. We can all watch it again on May19 at 9pm via SkyCable.
Anyways, Abel is one foreign film sure to warm the heart as it narrates the story of Abel who'll pose as the head of the family as father Anselmo elopes to another marriage. Brother Paul provides the happy scenes and sister Selene and mother Cecilia's issues added flair to the satire of this modern dysfunctional family in Mexico.
Even with subtitles, the movie was easy to follow and the bursts of random lines from Abel completed the formula for a powerful and moving story.  I loved the scenes of Abel and the brother Paul most especially.
After watching, you'll appreciate the power of lollipops and candies. It was worth sharing and recommending to friends. Don't miss it on SkyCable on May 13 at 2:30pm. To vote please visit http://cinemaworld.asia/espritdecannes. Want to experience the spirit of Cannes in HD? Add this channel to your subscription for only PHP 150/month via SKY Select: mysky.com.ph/getcinemaworldFor more info visit https://www.facebook.com/MySKYCable/