Review: When your thing gets in the way in #NeverNotLoveYou now showing in cinemas nationwide

We fold at times we heed answers to questions we cannot answer about love. I've thought about my own choices in love joining fellow bloggers at the special screening of Viva Films' latest romantic flick "Never Not Love You" earlier at Gateway Cineplex. Directed by the magnet of millenials Antoinette Jadaone starring Jadine (James Reid and Nadine Samonte), Never Not Love You tells the story of Joanne (Nadine) and Gio (James) and their love tested by circumstances. I thought I was too old that I found the first 30minutes quite simple and typical til the circumstances unfold and change the characters. Gio (James) and Joanne (Nadine) faced crossroads choosing love over career and when one takes the dive to sacrifice, another circumstance develops to test how to keep the flame burning for the couple. I've met a lot of Joanne(Nadine) whose label and rank-sensitive yet the judgement whether wrong or right became secondary to what's stronger for the couple - faith in the relationship itself. For the youth today, majority who'd choose to comment vague and petty good or bad reactions is inevitable but the fact that the movie raises and will raise variety of reactions validate its performance - it is provocative. I may be too old to believe that the movie, if continued will end in a sour note but the constant I love yous towards the final scenes presented the endearing hope of the broken - they may eventually work things out. The ending was perfect letting you decide how you want them to end- either confirming your decisions or blaming your choices on your own lives. Jadine truly showed a more mature performance especially during the confrontation in the kitchen. James and Nadine got me crying at lines we all promise when saying goodbyes. Although I've never said the same lines, the emotions were similar- painful and real. Sometimes you die and endure a few deaths to live and be with the one you love. The movie like its title was assuring and hopeful like all of us wanting the same in our own relationship. At moments you want to keep holding on, don't fold. Keep saying I love you and keep the faith. Don't miss Never Not Love You now showing in cinemas nationwide. For more information please visit